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The iphone application platform creates incredible possibilities for ways to help children communicate, learn and develop. Mia's apps is dedicated to finding ways to utilise this technology by providing affordable, easy to use and fun applications for children.

Inspired by my five year old daughter Mia and in conjunction with a variety of different professionals, we have set out to develop applications that increase her enjoyment of life, help her communicate and have fun. In doing so we are in the process of creating fun innovative and practical applications for all children.

Mia is a bright, intelligent but unfortunately severely disabled child so cannot easily access traditional forms of play, education and communication. In finding creative solutions to assist her Mia's apps is creating applications to help all children learn, play and have fun.

Martin the founder of miasapps has been voted; "Real dad of the year 2010" by the members of parenting website Bounty.com


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